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The XXXGag reflex [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Jun 2012|09:55pm]
Once I raped a rhymeing book.
Its True.

This Journal
[Now is].

Completly Public.
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[13 May 2007|06:19pm]

this JOurnal is closed.
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[09 May 2007|08:38pm]
I don't bother subjecting my posts.

I don't bother typing out my thoughts out on here anymore.
Its all just pointless.

I'm sick of seeing the same faces. And doing the same shit.
Getting all the same let downs and never any pick me ups.

I almost miss being high. Whats wrong with me.

I race back between three diffent names. And they all fit into the same person.
Maybe people should just stop calling me by a name and say "hey you" I'd answer.

I've just been to gloomy lately. Its stupid and I hate it.

Yuki never returns my calls anymore either.

I'm at Vickys [supirze] and Rora is here too. We are having pasta.

Maybe seeing A md summer nights dream and sushi will make me better.
But I doubt its.

Harley Can you give me a black eye?
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Imagepostt among other things. [07 May 2007|11:13pm]
Wtf is with my hand?
clickhereCollapse )
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[06 May 2007|05:56pm]
I might be removing my septum from my face. I don't know if I like the ring anymore.

Uh. I got the other side of my lip pierced. Photos when my computer stops being lame. And I can figure out how to upload picutres properly.

Lastweekend I went out to the country to see Vicky's farm and stuff it was fun. I ate alot. And had a good sleep. I should go out there again soon. I learned how to shoot things. I fail at it but never the less. I think it was becuase I was nervious.

I followed Vicky around like a lost dog for most of it.
We talked about are Charaters alot.
And I started drawing up Felix and Rose.ST.Rose. They look so cute together.

I should being drawing Fawnia. But I can't make her face normal.

Derek's brithday was on tuesday happy birthday to him. We are going to the Zoo today.

I redyed my hair but it didn't take to the roots LAME. This post means nothing.

I also saw Unearth, Devil Driver and some other bands lastnight. They blew my mind.

I missed shouts from the Gutter but saw Spiderman 3 instead.

I give it three stars out of five. To much Drama and shit.

Meggers is coming to get me so we can meet at her house and go to the zoo and get cake or someting. Tra-lalala.
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[27 Apr 2007|12:21am]
My hair is normal.
I am so tired. I hate work. I need a new job. Whats with this Embed media it kind of scares me.

The new nin cd is amazing I am pumped.

I should right about my almost panic attack but that takes words and time and I have no time or words SIGH.

Megan smile honney I love you.
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hihihi. [19 Apr 2007|09:16pm]
I've been drawing alot more. HUge slightly more detailed picutres of Agnostic and Gauzeette.
Theyre nice I've also drawing alot of Glamour guts the face picker too. Hes changed so much. He's like some sort of spider god now I think. Its hard to explain. When I'm done getting some basic ideas I'll scann them and you you kids.

In other news
I recently saw pan's laberinth. Yes it took me forever becuase every one just seemed to ditch or I had no funds. But I paid for Rora, Megan and myself to see it, bought us popcorn and a large to share. it ended yup costing less then twnety bucks. Amazing movie. I will have to buy it.
After the movie I saw my right nostrail was all bloody where my piercing was. It recently got infected. So I was all I will clean it then I did. We went to Esso and aw Ian/Adam some one else. And I cleaned it better there. Some how I managed to get the top of it to slip into the bump that was on my nose. So I freaked out and started screaming. Megan Rora and I zoomed off to try to find a piercing place opened at 9 at night. lol nothings opening. 411 is my new friend. I ended up going to the cyprt to get it fixxed.

more laters
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[15 Apr 2007|09:41pm]
I'm stressed out again. My mom/dad/people are retard and they like to freak out at me. All the time is seems well as of lately.

I think I want to get back into the scene of narcotics or something.
I want to be highhighhighhigh.
Maybe I'll go to 4:20. Maybe.

4.22 I want to do shrooms after work I think. Um.

I went to the zoo today with Vicky/Ryan/Andrea. It was super fun.
I visted tayler and hung out with Rora.

Now I am going to watch a movie and pertend my life is great.
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Harley is a poo [14 Apr 2007|12:44am]

Appreantly I am a poo. God what a hoebag calling me a poo.


I am at his house. I cannot spell. this isn't a new thing er new news/ Megan will take me home sometime and I will sleep and eat and sleep...

I'm also goinging to maybe meet a girl who wantsto meet me. -shock-
And maybe we'll hook up.

Oh yeah but i'm a sketchbag.
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[10 Apr 2007|10:01pm]
Come with meCollapse )
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[09 Apr 2007|11:03pm]
I'm sick.
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[08 Apr 2007|10:36pm]

I am a fucking truckerCollapse )
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AHAHAH what? [08 Apr 2007|03:17pm]
I had a good weekend I guess.

Didsomeblowandk. Smoked some cigarettes and watched tv. Redyed my hair. Its red now. pics when I get a camera.

Um. Nextpaycheck I will be so fucking happy. LOL.

seriously"Collapse )
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scream >more [06 Apr 2007|05:43pm]
I want to draw alot right now.

Vennessa is taking Emo pics but not really. I love her hair but she hates it lol. Unno.
-hugs her-

I want to watch alot of movies right now. All at once. And draw to the dialoge like i used to do to tv shows and shit. Then burn everything.

hk I'm getting three new sketchbooks two of them will be HUGE. one of the huge one will be brtisol so I can glue paint and do shit onto it. Then maybe some more markers or something.
Since theres a 30% off sale.

Um. My tummy aches. And I'm still detoxicing. X.x I'm dead inside LOLZ.

Amy./Kena/Maddie are getting letters form me.

This is a gay post.

I'm dying my hair tonight hopefully.
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[31 Mar 2007|03:18pm]
Today the diet starts. and wokring out.
I want-no I wil be fit for summer. Or something.
I want to thin out my face and such. So I will be biking to and from work, unles its freezing cold or wet out.
I'm Also going to get all the icky black out of my hair and go back to blonde for a week or so then dye it red again.

It was okay, hung out with Vicky alot and Rora. Not really megan. becuase I don't know. Um. I got one half of my industrail done. I also gadged my scong holes to an eight. They kind of hurt.
We went out for dinner. I was feeling super sick though threw the wole thing. Since I'm withdrawling like a motherfucker.

I got Rora's b-day gift out of the way. I'nm happy about that too.
I also bought alot of stuff yesterday.

Today Rora will help me with my dress and um. We will go se Dreadnaut. lolz
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[27 Mar 2007|06:19pm]
I will make it threw this post before deleteing or exiting the window.

Right now I feel full of nothingness and upsetness. Which is an odd combo.
I really need to disconnect form anything and everything remotly connected to the real world.
I feel right at home zoned out infront of something or nothing maybe just a blank wall.

I should really go to the hospital to see whatever is hurting me and most likly get it cut out.
Its like a growth or something. The guy said it wasn't canerious but I don't trust him. He just wanted to rush me out. That was like last week.

Nothign fun has happened really. I saw Vicky what was amazing.

Yuki came over. We fucked. The end. More details when my brian stops mumbling things.

the BDI is open. icecream thats a good thing. saddly food right now is the last thing on my mind. I wouldn't care if I didn't eat again. And I just got a new loaf of bread from Vicky :(

Wow this is completly pointless.
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gasp [24 Mar 2007|06:02pm]
the BDI is open.

I ate to much today lol.

Going to disiers tontight. Rora/josh are going to try and help me find a chick lolorz.

This is my update.
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[21 Mar 2007|09:53pm]
Everything is static.
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[17 Mar 2007|02:55am]
There is only you.
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[15 Mar 2007|06:25pm]
I called Elena yesterday OMG her voice so cute. Hah. I forced Megan to talk to her as well becuase I was an idiot and ran outside with out shoes or socks onto the ice.
We[megan and I] saw Ian/Adam lastnight. When to walmart. And Timms. Yeah

Thats basicaly it. I've started drawing fat little bears with flowers for ears.
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